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Own a South Carolina Timeshare?

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We help with South Carolina timeshare scams and frauds.


There is no magic in divesting oneself of ownership of a timeshare in South Carolina. The nature of the timeshare industry lead to the development of a secondary rip off timeshare exit industry, often promising a money-back guarantee of divesting someone of a timeshare over a period of time for an extraordinary sum of money. An attorney owes you a fiduciary duty to advise you and put your interests first.


How to get rid of your South Carolina Timeshare? This is a question with which Attorney Naert is extremely familiar. Zach regularly consults with purchasers, owners, and people who have inherited timeshares regarding sales fraud and misrepresentation, actions by owners’ associations, and options for ownership exit of a timeshare, and we never charge for the consultation.

Attorney Naert never represents timeshare companies, only timeshare owners and purchasers. South Carolina has a timeshare law, the South Carolina Time Sharing Plans Act, which includes a provision for unilateral revocation of a timeshare agreement by a purchaser within the statutory time period with other specific requirements. There are also statutes of limitations that apply to claims such as for timeshare sales fraud and misrepresentation, so do not delay in taking action or risk forever losing your rights.

Attorney Zach Naert never charges for consults.

Zach accepts his clients phone calls; if he’s available. If not, a time will be set to ensure that you can speak with Attorney Naert directly. Clients will be provided with Mr. Naert’s cell phone number. At Naert Law Firm, client communication and teamwork are the key to our success.


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