Employers and employees in South Carolina may be subject to the Workers’ Compensation Act.  Workplace accidents do happen, and when they do you should take immediate action to protect your rights and your health.  Advise your employer of the injury, obtain medical treatment, and contact a South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney.

1. The Cost of Retaining a Lawyer to Represent You in Your Accident Claim

You should be able to secure a consultation at no charge from a South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer.  At Naert Law Firm, we never charge for a consultation.  Furthermore, the attorney should usually be agreeable to representing you on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not pay the attorney any compensation unless the law firm recovers money on your behalf.  And finally, the lawyer should advance the costs and expenses in your matter as permitted by law and recover a reimbursement for these monies from the client at the conclusion of representation of the injury claim.

2. Benefits are Available to You Under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act

If you are injured on the job in South Carolina or while working for an employer based in South Carolina, you may well have a compensable claim under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act.  You should immediately consult with an attorney to determine your eligibility to receive benefits under the Act following a workplace accident and injury.  Generally, even if you are at fault for the work accident, you will still qualify for benefits absent any applicable defense by the employer.  Benefits are provided by the workers’ compensation insurance company for your employer, including paid medial treatment, compensation if you are held out of work by a doctor, and further compensation at the conclusion of your claim for your permanent impairment and otherwise.

3. Workers’ Compensation May Not Be Your Exclusive Remedy

Additional benefits may be available to you aside from the medical treatment and financial compensation under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act.  Normally, the benefits under the Act are the exclusive remedy of an injured worker.  However, there are various circumstances when additional benefits may be available to you.  Speak with your attorney about the possibility of a third-party claim, notably when the accident and injury were due to no fault of your own, but some party other than you or another employee of your employer.  If you are involved in a third-party claim, such as a car accident or assault while on the job, you should ensure that your attorney can represent you in both claims and has experience handling the complicated lien process.

Know your rights if you have an accident and injury on the job, whether that be under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act or as it relates to any third-party liability.  Contact Naert Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation with attorney Zach Naert at your convenience, whether that be in-person, by phone, or via video conference.